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A decentralized sharing economic network

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A value exclusive to your Private Cloud

Mobile mining supports the establishment of a private cloud belonging to an individual, which can be imported by installing mobile mining equipment and app.The device SDK enables the personal cloud function, and users can directly convert their smart devices to go to the center.

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"Blockchain + VR" game
——Roman Empire

A large online VR game, the Roman Empire, is the first large-scale “Blockchain + VR" immersive historical strategy game on the TORO chain with the ancient Rome as the dream scene. Players enter into the TORO network with the ancient Roman Empire as the background through VR devices. Players can choose an European city as the base and substitute the player's own image into the game, to play the role of king, aristocrat, general, soldier, businessman and so on, according to how much of TORO they are holding, . In this world, players can use their skills to make achievements according to your social status and bring peace to the chaotic ancient Roman Empire!

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the leading blockchain technology

TORO adopts the elastic blockchain design structure of main chain + side chain. The main chain is responsible for basic transactions and transfer payments, while the side chain is responsible for executing smart contracts to support applications and services in various scenarios.

Cross-chain Interoperability

TORO makes two kinds of cross-chain transaction architecture, TORO Orbits and TORO Canal.

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Privacy Protection Mechanism

TORO proposes a cross chain transaction privacy protection method based on zksnark algorithm.

Distributed Hash Table

Hash table is divided into discontinuous blocks, each node is assigned a hash block of its own.

TORO ChainEcological System

The architecture design of TORO platform completely solves the problems of insufficient blockchain performance, high cost and difficulty in developing blockchain, waste of computing power, interaction with the real world, etc.

TORO WalletEcological System

TORO wallet is a decentralized aggregation payment ecological wallet, which is an important tool for users to store and use TORO token. TORO wallet will provide mobile phones, PCs, web and other versions of wallets, so that users can safely store their own Toro digital assets.

TORO MinersEcological System

According to software and hardware, Toro mining machine is divided into mobile memory, PC, router, mining treasure and other clients to mine, and jointly maintain the safe operation of TORO network.

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