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Let’s Change Cryptocurrency Mining

In the future, TORO will decentralize the sharing economy and truly realize the concept of "idle resource sharing" through blockchain technology and mobile mining as the most important entry point.


All current sharing economy projects have many problems

The key technology promoter of economic and business model, although the current mining energy consumption, storage space volume security defects, transaction throughput and other aspects need to be improved.

TORO Ecological System

TORO is a basic public chain for data sharing. Aiming at the common problems of transaction congestion and high transaction cost in the existing blockchain, with the goal of "speed, win-win and convenience", TORO is to build the largest decentralized sharing economy and business application ecology in the world.

TORO Wallet

TORO wallet is a decentralized aggregation payment ecological wallet, which is an important tool for users to store and use TORO token.

TORO Chain

The architecture design of TORO platform completely solves the problems of insufficient blockchain performance

TORO Miners

According to software and hardware, Toro mining machine is divided into mobile memory, PC, router, mining treasure and other client.

TORO Network

Economic System

As an important link to maintain the operation of the TORO chain ecosystem, TORO is the guarantee to form a large ecosystem closed-loop, bearing the important role of value circulation, purchase services, obtain returns and encourage interaction.

Bussiness Model


A great ecosystem can not be separated from a great vision, a great community can not be separated from its great consensus. The TORO sharing economic network we created is confident to let this experimental moment influence the blockchain world.TORO main network will create the whole sharing economy landing ecology around "mobile mining".
In the future, so that people can fully enjoy the real sharing economy and the convenience and practicality of everything interconnection.

Let's Start Your Mining

TORO take you into a value system!

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